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Repulogy Platform

Start Getting More Reviews, Build Trust & Start Establishing Your Online Reputation With Repulogy Platform's Single Dashboard. Get Started For Free!

Repulogy Platform Let's You Generate Reviews, Manage Reviews & Solidify Your Online Reputation.

Build your brand and trust by generating online reviews using our platform. Every review has a story behind it.  Give your business a competitive edge by getting positive reviews.

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Review Generation

Generate new reviews automagically from your customers using repulogy's review request tools.

Get More Reviews

Using Repulogy review platform, you are able to get more reviews on your preferred review website.

Custom Review Requests

Personalize request with your branding & messaging to ensure you get the most actionable responses.


Sync your existing customer database with Repulogy to start sending automated review requests today.

80+ Review Sites

Get new reviews on any site where your customers are searching, along with your company website.



Automate the review generation process using our automation workflow technology.

Review Generation
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Review Management

Start taking control of your brand and manage all your reviews from one single dashboard.


Respond To Reviews

Ability monitor and respond to reviews as they flow in directly from your Repulogy dashboard.


Create templates to automate and collect reviews & responses using our platform.


Set up automation to automate your review generation process using our platform.

Manage Locations

Manage reviews & reputation of either 1 or 100 locations using our single dashboard.

Review Management
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Review Marketing

Let your customers do the talking for you and increase trust, social proof & sales.

Review Sharing

Automagically share positive reviews to social media from your dashboard.

Widgets & Tools

Use our website widget to show off your reviews on your website. Gain trust & increase conversion.

Rich Snippet

Enable SEO-friendly rich snippet to show stars in search results.

In-Store Kiosk Mode

Use our in-Store kiosk mode review landing page to generate reviews instantly from your customers.

Review Marketing
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Review Monitoring

Either you have 1 location or 100, manage & monitor everything from a single dashboard.



Display all your customers reviews from the various website into one dashboard. 


Receive alerts and notifications as soon as a new review is posted. Monitor all your activities.

Funnels & Reporting

Set up funnels and create reporting on your business & monitor as the event takes place.


Compare locations and/or competitors with side by side reporting using our dashboard.

Review Monitoring
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Reasons Why You Need Online Reviews


Grow Your Sales

Reviews can grow your sales by attracting new and repeat customers.


SEO Ranking

Having a consistent flow of reviews can help your business to rank higher in search engines like google.


Build Trust

By executing a proper review generation campaign and by building your reputation, you build trust & brand awareness.


Increase Conversion

Having solid online reviews & a good reputation can help your business to have higher conversions & sales.


Cost Effective

Our platform provides you with competitive fixed pricing that can help you to save on the marketing cost.


Get Website Traffic

Get more traffic by building trust and reputation. Higher the reviews = higher traffic

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Get Reviews, No Matter What Type Of Business You Run


Repulogy For

Brick & Mortar Stores

At, increase your foot traffic to your store by generating powerful reviews using our repulogy platform. We integrate with most global recognized platforms where your customers are looking for reviews.


Repulogy For

Online Stores

Are you selling online using third party platforms such as Amazon, eBay etc? Great! Get more reviews those your Amazon & other third-party platforms to build your online credibility. Check out our list of integrations for your online store.

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Review Platforms

We connect with over 80+ global review sites.


Our Client's Simply 💖 Us

Reviews Are Essential For Every Industry.

No matter what industry you belong to, reviews can help you to grow your business.

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